''Even a brick wants to be something" · Louis Kahn

''If you think of Brick, you say to Brick, ‘What do you want, Brick?’ And Brick says to you, ‘I like an Arch.’ And if you say to Brick, ‘Look, arches are expensive, and I can use a concrete lintel over you. What do you think of that, Brick?’ Brick says, ‘I like an Arch.’ And it’s important, you see, that you honor the material that you use. [..] You can only do it if you honor the brick and glorify the brick instead of shortchanging it.''

Louis Kahn. Transcribed from the 2003 documentary 'My Architect: A Son’s Journey by Nathaniel Kahn'. Master class at Penn, 1971.

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  1. Beautiful post!
    Just to add something I discovered recently and you might enjoy as well...
    It's one of Louis Kahn lectures in Yale. Enjoy it!


  2. Oh! We love it. Thanks Nuki Nuk for sharing the discovery!